Customizing Branding

The first thing to do is to add your brand look and flavor!

  1. Click Brand underneath the Settings label in the sidebar navigation.
  2. Upload a logo image that has the following attributes (Download Templates):
    • A white or transparent background
    • A square image of 200px by 200px OR
    • A rectangular image of 400px by 200px
  3. Write your Default Intro Text. This text appears at the top of your spinner welcome screen unless you create a custom message on the individual spinner.
  4. Select a brand color for your Button. This is usually the primary brand color or a bold color used to grab a user's attention.
  5. Select a brand color for your Headings. This is usually a secondary brand color; however, black or dark gray also work well.
  6. Select a color for your Text. This should be a color that is easy to read in a small size on a white background. Medium to dark grays work best.

Once you have Customized Branding, the next step is Adding Prizes.