Creating a Spinner

When you have two or more prizes, you are ready to create a spinner!

  1. Click Spinners in the sidebar navigation.
  2. Click Create New in the top righthand corner.
  3. Give your spinner a title. This is the label that shows up in the admin panel.
  4. Write your Intro Text. The Intro Text appears under your brand logo above the prize spinner. If you do not add Intro Text, the spinner will use the Default Intro Text that is managed in the Brand Settings.
  5. If you want your Spinner to collect lead information, select Yes under Lead Form.
    • Check the boxes of the information you would like to collect from each lead.
  6. Click Add a Prize to select a prize that will appear in the spinner. You must have at least two prizes so users feel there is a random chance.
  7. Assign the winning odds to each prize. The odds must total 100% between all the prizes. If you want a spinner that has a determined result, assign 100% odds to the winning prize and 0% odds to all the others.
  8. Click Publish to save the spinner when you are ready.

Once you have created your first spinner, you can learn about Sharing Spinners.