Using GojoSpin

GojoSpin can be used across marketing channels — events, in-store, online, and more. Collect leads anytime, anywhere.

At your event booth

Use GojoSpin on a tablet or touchscreen at your conference booth. Give away swag, discounts, or big grand prizes with managed inventory. Create a buzz and collect leads for pennies a piece.

Draw people to your booth
Boost your brand image with a fun experience
Passively collect lead data


On your website

Use the GojoSpin widget to display a spinner on your website. Engage visitors, dole out instant coupon codes, build your mailing list, and keep people coming back for more.

Use with any ecommerce platform
Skyrocket your mailing list conversions
Passively collect lead data everyday

At your register

Use GojoSpin on a tablet or touchscreen at the register of your restaurant, coffee shop, food truck, or retail store. Customers can spin on their devices while waiting to be served. Instant discounts are a brand-building mood booster that no one forgets.

 Entertain your customers
Boost the energy of a busy line
Passively collect lead data everyday


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"No more begging for emails. GojoSpin makes email collection fun for our prospects and our sales team!"

- Marisha McGrorty, Founder of SLP Now